Welcome to the electronic hub for the artist known as "fluX".

   Collected on the website are selected works from the adventures and frolics with various fine arts compositions; as well as a more recently embarked on quest of photography.  

   Just as we do in our human shells, this site will continue to grow and change as we spiral through space-time; so please excuse the incoherent and angelfire-era design. It will evolve in due time.

    Updates will be made, but rarely notated outside of more major additions or reworks. 

  For fun in putting this to use, the introductory sentence and paragraph were added at the same time as this very sentence; but unlike this sentence, those elements will (likely) remain permanent. 

   Navigation here might look odd, but I feel it's also easy to understand; in the off-chance I'm wrong, here's a quick reference because I refuse to label things like a practical-minded human being:

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